Sunday, February 22, 2009


So...I really like the winter! Everyone tells me, "Just wait 'til the novelty wears off." Yeah, maybe one day the dreary cold will outweigh the sight of a winter flurry, or the ice patterns on a frozen lake, or a crisp clear winter day after fresh snowfall. Maybe one day the bare trees of winter will damper my love of stews, and baking bread, and brewing beer, and holing up in a cozy hollow with a book or movie and some tea. Maybe one day the bone chilling breezes from the north will leave my heart cold for the beauty of cyclical natural rhythm: the 'pop' of green in spring, wet hot summers, the colors of autumn, or the stark wildness of winter. day...

But today I'm going to relish the quiet, slowness that winter brings; celebrate taking hours to prepare a fresh hot meal; swig a pitch black porter; and try my damnedest to show respect for the cycles of nature by taking it easy during the time of the year that most other creatures are reserving their energy for the coming spring.

A toast to the Church of Slow Food, Handmade Lives, Respect, and Simple Living. ICOR.

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