Saturday, January 2, 2010

Big Changes

Life has moved pretty quickly for us in the past few months. All of our interns left camp at the end of the summer and we had a quiet fall in the Gap. No funding has been found for our program for next year as of yet so we moved out of our home in New Jersey in the beginning of December. We were amazed by the amount of crap we accumulated in only a year and a half, as were my parents who graciously allowed their basement to be used for storage. It was hard to leave our little house, beautiful lake, friends, and the community we had become a part of, definitely sadder than any of our other moves have been.

First Snow in New Jersey

Catching Snowflakes

After a quick visit with friends and family in the Northeast we set off on a cross country adventure to spend some time in California. All in all Amara did great during our five day drive and enjoyed our stay with the Myers in Ohio and the Battista's in Colorado. The drive was beautiful, cold, snowy, and fairly uneventful.

Looking Good in Dad's Shades

We arrived in California just before Christmas and a had an amazing three day celebration with the whole Johnson clan. We enjoyed amazing meals, drank home brewed beer, mead, and limoncello, and exchanged thoughtful and often handmade gifts. We also played a lot of Wii and Mike got a new tattoo from his brother Timothy.

Ripping Paper Was Certainly The Highlight of The Day

Checking Out Her New Babies

On the 28th we got in the car again and drove North with Stephen and Jodi to stay with Jerry and Cathy (Jodi's parents) in their home in Pullman, WA. The rolling hills of the Palouse are a bit drab and muddy this time of year but one can imagine how spectacular this region must be during the growing season. We had a relaxed New Year's Eve with good food, plenty of wine, and cards.

Hanging Outside in Washington

We fly back down to California on the 7th and will be their for the rest of the month visiting with friends and family and helping Danny and Marie (Mike's mom and dad) out with projects around their houses.
After that you ask...well a little time in Connecticut, then maybe a farm in Maine for the spring and summer, maybe back to New Jersey if our program gets funding, maybe an SCA project somewhere else in the country. I suppose the world is our oyster right now.