Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting Outside!

The weather has been pretty great this past week. We are sad to see the winter go so soon but the warm temperatures have started the blood flowing. Amara went on her first long hike (about 8 miles) and faired pretty well hanging out in the carrier for 5 hours. We love the new carrier we bought, it is an Ergo and is designed really well. It is way more comfortable than any of the other slings or carriers for the long haul. Oh and yes we are teaching her to climb (I mean hug) trees already.

The crawling just keeps getting better everyday. Although she is not quite up on her knees all the way she is super fast, especially when she sees something she wants. We sure have to keep a closer eye on her now and we are baby proofing as she discovers things we don't want her to touch/eat/break. She and I are taking a mommy and me yoga class on Fridays and having a great time with all the other babies and mommies. Though it is not the most relaxing yoga class I have ever taken it is great to get out together and be active. We have also started going to playdates on Mondays with a few moms and babies we met at the Holistic Moms Network meetings we have been going to.

Amara started eating solids about a week ago and boy does she love to eat. It is recommended you only give food once a day this young but we can not sit and eat without giving her something or she FREAKS out. We have been using the Baby Led Weaning (warning lots of breastfeeding pics on this site) method of introducing solids, so far it has been working great. Basically you start with finger foods right away, no purees or rice cereal. So we cut things into sticks that Amara can hold on to and she just gums it all up.

The beer brewing has been going well with one failure (we knew it wasn't going to be good so we were not too dissapointed) and one great success. Our third batch is an American Lager and will be ready to bottle in another week or so. Our next project is soapmaking. We gathered all the supplies this week and will hopefully get time next week to whip up a batch.