Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mommy Blog

Wow! What an adventure. One week old and I have felt more joy and frustration (thanks to a touch of the baby blues) than I have ever felt in my life. As my beautiful Amara and I work to figure one another out I am in constant awe of her presence; such an amazing little being. It is probably good I did not have any expectations of what motherhood would be like, who could imagine the demands and rewards of caring for your baby.

So far Mike and I have not felt too sleep deprived, she is very good about sleeping at night. I wake up to feed her two or three times but she does not stay awake thank goodness. We are also sure to get our naps in during the day with her. She is nursing very well; we struggled at first to get the right latch and I think I am just starting to produce enough milk for her voracious appetite. We would like to send out another big thank you to all who gave us diapers, they are working out great and despite all the laundry, have been a dream to use.

Mike has been the best Daddy this week, he is the most wonderful partner. He has been the main poopy diaper changer and we have just started using our slings and carriers (which is why I can write this) so mommy can get a little time to do things like shower and brush her teeth. I sort of expected that I would be surprised by him as a dad, but in fact he is exactly the same sweet and loving man. Thank you to everyone for your kind words during the last week, Amara can not wait to meet all of you. Her are a few more pictures of her first week of life.


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