Sunday, January 27, 2008

We See You

I am trying this livejournal thing to help me keep in contact with everyone. Anyways...

Erin and I went to the doctor about the baby this week; strange places doctor's offices are. We are being seen only by midwives: folks that I think have a pretty good grasp of the fact that Erin and I don't really fit comfortably into the American medical system. Not unlike pair of Yugos in a lot full of Hummers, our cultish existence of practicality and simplicity is occasionally met with misunderstanding. (What do you mean you don't want your baby to be put in an incubator?) We are attempting to have our baby at a place called The Birthplace. A quick gurney ride (100 yards) from the regular maternity ward in the hospital, this safe-haven of natural birthing boasts a secluded and intimate setting to commit an act that humans share with any other species of animalia on this planet (and a whole lot of non-animal species). This whole baby-making experience is fast becoming the most overwhelming and beautiful expression of emotional and physical change.
We did opt to have an ultrasound. And I mostly wanted to share the pictures.

Presenting baby Johnderson:

Expected date: August 5th, 2008
The second two are this funky new ultrasound 3D/4D imaging and I must admit its pretty sweet. Those fuzzy ultrasound pictures never really did it for me. But show me a waving hand and some toes, and all of sudden I realize that its my demon spawn in there.

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