Friday, October 24, 2008

Damn She's A Big Baby

Dr. Chi has confirmed what EVERYONE has been saying. Weighing in at 12 lbs 12 oz and 24 1/2 inches long Amara is quite a large girl and getting bigger everyday. Her head control and tracking are awesome for a two month old and she is smiling a lot. She has also been having much less reflux lately and in turn our evenings are a lot less fussy and much more fun. Overall life with a baby just keeps getting easier and harder everyday. Once we figure something out it changes or some new curve ball is thrown our way.

The past few weeks have been busy. A visit from Grandma Marie was very exciting, she obviously loved meeting Amara and we had a little break with another pair of hands around. Amara (and Grandma) went apple picking for the first time and we all enjoyed some yummy homemade crisp. We also went to a potluck dinner with the couples we had our childbirth education class with. We had a great time meeting all the little ones outside of their mommies tummies. Then it was off to New Hampshire to SCA headquarters so Mike could meet with the folks in development, partnership, finance, etc. so he can figure out what the heck he is doing with this program here at DWG. We had a great visit with some old friends and enjoyed the hospitality of Mike's boss Doug and his family. Hanging out with a 3 and 7 year old for a few days is not only fun but also a great opportunity to take notes for the future. We broke up the trip by heading back through CT and unfortunately Libby our family dog was really sick and we had to put her down. It was really hard to be with her as she passed but she had a good life and my parents buried her in their front yard so she will always be with us.

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Brian Barnes said...

I see you're driving around with her not in her car seat, how "spears" of you ... wait, I don't know if you'll even get that pop culture joke :o)